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The Washington Square
Krueger’s oven baked spinach and artichoke dip. Roasted garlic, onions and artichoke hearts mixed with creamy cheese sauce, then baked in our wood fired oven. Served with our homemade flatbread chips.
Riverside Chips
Homemade flatbread chips double baked and crispy. Served with our own fire roasted salsa, avocado, melted monterey jack and cheddar cheese and sour cream.
Insalata Caprese
Tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella cheese and fresh basil served on our oven baked focaccia bread. Drizzled with our own oven roasted garlic oil.
Mac & Cheese Flatbread
Flatbread topped with creamy four cheese macaroni and diced Virginia ham with seasoned cracker crumbs.
BBQ Chicken Quesadilla
Tender shredded BBQ chicken, caramelized onions and monterey jack cheese sandwiched between two soft tortillas. Baked in our brick oven.
BBQ Glazed Wings
Fire roasted chicken wings glazed with our house BBQ sauce. Served with bleu cheese dressing.
Potato Skin Flatbread
Garlic roasted red bliss mashed potatoes topped with bacon and cheddar cheese. Yummy!
Soups & Salads
Homemade French Onion Soup
Topped with crunchy flatbread chips, fresh asiago parmesan cheese and baked in our wood fired oven. Served in a crock.
Award winning chowder
Bread Bowl
Soup of the day
The Buttonwoods
A fire roasted Tuscan style chicken breast served over our mesclun mix. Topped with roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, fresh goat cheese, sweet red onions and Toula’s famous dressing.
The Essex Street
Fresh pan seared sea scallops and shrimp served over our mesclun mix. Topped with oven roasted portabella mushrooms, tomatoes and sweet red onions tossed with Toula’s famous dressing.
The Fernwood Avenue
Fire roasted sirloin steak tips in our special marinade. Served over our mesclun mix topped with sweet red onions, tomatoes and Toula’s famous dressing.
The Paramount Theater
Our own Cobb salad. Mixed salad greens, grape tomatoes, red onions and diced oven roasted chicken topped with crisp bacon, hard boiled eggs, black olives, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Served with your choice of our Caesar dressing or Toula’s famous dressing.
Krueger’s Wedge
¼ head iceberg lettuce topped with chopped bacon, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, sweet red onions, and black olives. Finished with a mix of bleu cheese and Toula’s famous dressing.
Greek Salad
Imported feta cheese, kalamata olives red onions and pepperoncini served over our mesclun mix salad. Tossed with Toula’s famous dressing.
Garden Salad
Mesclun mix topped with shredded carrots and celery and grape tomatoes. Topped with Toula's famous dressing.  
Caesar Salad
The classic mix of romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan and our own Caesar dressing.
The Country Club
A delicious meat pie calzone filled with our special blend of ground pork, beef and sausage, sautéed peppers and onions, with a little bit of red sauce and lots of cheese.
The Exchange Club
A buffalo chicken calzone stuffed with tender breaded chicken tossed in our own hot sauce with banana peppers and Monterey jack and cheddar cheeses.
The Rotary Club
A steak and cheese calzone filled with our marinated fire roasted steak tips sautéed with mushrooms, peppers and onions. Topped with blend of three cheeses.
The Garibaldi Club
A chicken parmesan calzone stuffed with our oven roasted breaded chicken tenders, red sauce and lots and lots of cheese.
All flatbreads are available in 12" or 16" sizes. 
Half & half flatbreads are available. Priced at the higher cost item.
All flatbreads available on Multi-Grain. 
The Bradford Square
Fire Roasted Sirloin Steak Tips & Caramelized Onions
Fire roasted marinated sirloin tips, caramelized onions, balsamic vinaigrette crumbled bleu cheese and shredded asiago cheese.
13.00 19.00
The Lafayette Vegetarian
A vegetarian medley roasted in our own wood fired oven. Topped with mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar chesses and garlic oil. Also available with homemade red sauce.
13.00 19.00
The Sicilian
Italian Cold Cut Flatbread
Topped with a lightly spiced pepper marinara, ground sweet Italian sausage, capricola ham, julienne salami, fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese and asiago parmesan.
13.00 19.00
The Krueger Mac
Topped with our own thousand island dressing, seasoned hamburg, bacon, Jack cheddar and American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and sesame seeds.
13.00 19.00
The Chicken Marsala
Olivia’s Chicken Marsala on a Flatbread
Sautéed chicken, mushrooms, roasted red peppers and prosciutto tossed in Olivia’s marsala wine sauce and topped with mozzarella and asiago cheese.
13.00 19.00
The Railroad Square
Sausage Meatballs & Pepperoni
Crumbled sausage, sliced Italian meatballs, imported pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, sweet red onions, black olives, red sauce and garlic oil. Topped with parmesan and mozzarella.
13.00 19.00
The Tex Mex
Topped with Southwestern spiced ground beef, lettuce, tomato, salsa, sliced jalapenos, shredded monterey jack and cheddar cheese, and a dollop of sour cream.
13.00 19.00
The Powderhouse Hill
Our Own Chicken Caesar Flatbread
Oven baked flatbread, garlic oil and parmesan cheese topped with chilled
Tuscan style chicken and crisp romaine lettuce tossed with our Caesar dressing.
13.00 19.00
Winnekenni Quattro
Imported Prosciutto, Fresh Artichoke Hearts, Roasted Red Peppers & White Mushrooms
Served with our homemade red sauce and topped with mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar cheeses.
13.00 19.00
The J.G Whittier
Wild Mushrooms, Sausage, Caramelized Onions & Homemade Red Sauce
Caramelized onions slowly cooked in our own wood fired oven, sweet Italian sausage and a medley of shiitake, crimini and oyster mushrooms.
13.00 19.00
The Hillie
Three Cheeses & Homemade Red Sauce. Freshly grated mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan cheeses. Baked with our own garlic oil and herbs.
9.00 13.00
The Pentucket
Oven Roasted Chicken & Tomato BBQ Sauce.
Freshly grated cheddar and goat cheese, olive oil and sweet red onions.
13.00 19.00
The Thinker
Buffalo Chicken
Tender breaded chicken with bleu cheese and Frank’s Red Hot sauce topped with monterey jack and cheddar cheeses, red onions and mushrooms.
The Shoe City
Chicken Pesto
Oven roasted chicken, sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese and our homemade pesto sauce.
The Aloha
Hawaiian Flatbread
Our Special Jack Daniel’s oven roasted pulled pork with caramelized pineapples and tangy BBQ sauce. Topped with monterey jack and cheddar cheeses.
13.00 19.00
After Dinner Treats    
Molten Chocolate Cake
Infused with delicious chocolate filling, served warm with vanilla ice cream.
Apple Crisp
New England Style, all natural, served warm with vanilla ice cream.
Limoncello Cake
Delicious, refreshing.
New York Style Cheesecake
A silky cheesecake with a graham cracker crust.
Espresso-soaked ladyfingers dusted with cocoa. An Italian classic.
An Italian pastry filled with sweet creamy filling.
Flourless Chocolate Torte
Blend of four chocolates. (gluten free)
Vanilla Ice Cream    
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Cranberry Juice    
IBC Root Beer    
Pink Lemonade    
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Hot Chocolate
Full Service Bar Available
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Sam Adam’s Lager    
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Stella Artois    
Fat Tire Amber Ale    
Newburyport Pale Ale    
Blue Moon    
Rotating Drafts
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